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Car (prices starting at)

  • Full-$260
  • Interior-$120
  • Exterior-$120
  • Exterior + Buff-$180

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Mid-Size Truck/SUV (prices starting at)

  • Full-$300
  • Interior-$150
  • Exterior-$150
  • Exterior + Buff-$220

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Full Size Truck/3 Row SUV (prices starting at)

  • Full-$340
  • Interior-$160
  • Exterior-$160
  • Exterior + Buff-$260

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Sports Cars/Low Slung Vehicles (prices starting at)

  • Full-$320
  • Interior-$150
  • Exterior-$180
  • Exterior + Buff-$240

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Express Packages

Basic Exterior Wash


  • Full Hand Wash
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Tire shine
  • Door jambs wiped
  • Paint dried with microfiber towels

*Oversize subject to a surcharge


Basic Wash & Vac:

  • Full car wash
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Light vacuum
  • Wipe Down
  • Glass Cleaned
  • Rubber Mats Pressure Washed
  • Tire shine


Express Interior Cleaning


  • All interior surfaces cleaned & conditioned
  • Vacuuming of all carpet & floor mats
  • Vents & crevices cleaned with compressed air
  • Glass cleaned


Express Detail (Wash/Seal/Interior)


  • Full car wash
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Tire shine
  • Paint Sealant applied
  • Floor mats cleaned
  • Vacuum
  • All interior surfaces cleaned & conditioned
  • Vents & crevices cleaned up with compressed air
  • Glass cleaned


Express Carpet Treatment


  • Vacuum of all carpet & floor mats
  • Pretreatment of spot remover for stain removal
  • Hot water extraction on all carpet, upholstery & floor mats
  • Scrubbing


Rear Cargo Mat


Oversized Vehicles will include a minimum surcharge of $20, all prices subject to change.

A La Carte Services

Starting at:

Multi-Stage Paint Restoration:
Starting at $120 for a small car, $160 for an SUV, and $200 for a large SUV/Full Size truck. Sports Cars starting at $200 for this service. This is in addition to an exterior “plus” detail.

This service provides multi-step paint correction (Compound & Polish) to remove all visible imperfections that can be removed by machine. This service does not guarantee that your finish will be perfect, but it will make a drastic difference compared to any wax or single step correction.


Odor Removal/Ozone Generator:
We use Technician’s Choice Rid Odor Pro. Eliminates odors such as cigar/cigarette smoke, excessive body odor, leftover food, pet odors, musty smells from wet carpets, and even nasty smelling air vents. You can enter the vehicle 360 minutes after application.

For best results, combine with an Interior Detail. Discount $20 from above price if combined with an Interior Detail/Full Detail.

An Ozone Generator attacks the molecules at the source by pumping Ozone into the cabin of the vehicle, and then converting it back into oxygen. This is highly recommended for any vehicles with strong scents from (just examples); smoke, mold, vomit, or spoiled food.

For best results, combine with an Interior Detail. Discount $20 from above price if combined with an Interior Detail/Full Detail.


Headlight Restoration (each):
Our headlight restoration will bring your foggy headlamps back to life, another Technician’s Choice product popularly used all over the country. It not only restores the headlights clarity, it also protects it. Some headlights may have a bad seal, and this restoration will not fix the problem. We will let the customer know when we see the vehicle.


Ceramic Coating Lite:
A semi-permanent coating for your vehicle that will provide you with an amazing level of gloss and slickness from the paint work and a durability of 2+ years. The lite service is combined with an exterior one step polish detail and provides an affordable ceramic coating for the masses. 


 Engine Detailing*


*free with detail, by request

Seasonal Wash:
Recommended before Winter as well as before Summer. This package includes a Basic Exterior Wash with the following additions:
  • Paint Decontamination
  • 6 Month Paint Sealant


Under-Carriage Cleaning:
Remove stubborn dirt as well as salt during the winter with our under-carriage cleaning service. In addition to cleaning, we also provide rust inhibitors to keep your undercarriage in great shape, no matter the season.

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